Herbed Onion Tartlets

I’m having a debate with myself this morning.  It’s quite a quandary, I have to say.

On one hand, I am purely falling all over myself to share this recipe with you right this very instant! (By now you must know that I tend to get really spastic worked up over these things.)  For one thing, two of the recipe’s key ingredients are on sale this week.  And for another, I just really, really want you to have these fabulous tartlets in your appetizer arsenal.  It’s important to me.

I could so easily just blurt out the delicious details right here and now!  Spill the beans!  Lay it all out there!  Sing like a canary!!  And I’d feel so dern’ed good about sharing something so tasty in the spirit of the Season.

BUT (and it’s a big but) … this recipe can be found in the current issue of Sendik’s Real Food Magazine.  You know, the one at the checkout counter?

So maybe I shouldn’t divulge it here.  Wonder what kind of trouble I’d find myself in.

I don’t think I’ll chance it.

Santa’s watching.

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | December 17th, 2009