Cashew Sweet and Sour Pork

The weirdest thing just happened at my house.  In the kitchen.  If you’ve been here a while, you know that No Thank You Boy (one’a my kids), has a long history with not enjoying my cooking.  As I write this, I have a wok filled with Cashew Sweet and Sour Pork sitting behind me on my cooktop.  I turned around a few minutes ago and totally busted NTYB eating huge forkfulls of the stuff right out of the wok.  Not just little wimpy nibbles either.  I mean, like, stuffing his face.  As you can imagine, I nearly fell over in a state of complete and utter disbelief.  So picky eaters out there, this one just might be for you.  : )

The recipe calls for using a skillet, but I would recommend a big wok of you have one.  Just my two cents.

Cashew Sweet and Sour Pork
Serves: 4
Source:, recipe by D. Bonom and C. DePersio

2 T. cornstarch, divided
1 T. sherry
1 (1 lb.) pork tenderloin, cut into 1/2″ pieces (Sendik’s Natural Pork Sirloin Roasts and Chops are on sale and would be a good substitute)
1/3 c. water
1/4 c. sugar
1/3 c. cider vinegar
3 T. soy sauce
3 T. ketchup
1 T. canola oil
1/3 c. finely chopped dry-roasted cashews
1/4 c. chopped scallions
2 t. fresh minced ginger
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 lb. snow peas, trimmed
1 (8 oz) can pineapple chunks in juice, drained (Dole Canned Pineapple is on sale)

Hot, cooked rice for serving

Combine 1 tablespoon cornstarch, sherry, and pork, tossing to coat.  Combine 1 tablespoon cornstarch, water, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, and ketchup, stirring with a whisk.

Heat the oil in a large nonstick skillet or wok over medium high heat.  Add pork mixture and stirfry 3 minutes.  Add cashews, scallions, ginger, and garlic, stir fry 1 minute.  Add snow peas and pineapple, stir fry 3 minutes or until snow peas are tender.

Add vinegar mixture to pan; bring to a boil.  Cook 1 minute, stirring frequently.  Serve the pork mixture over rice.

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