Enjoy Sendik's All Week!

Day five of summer vacation and I’m pretty sure I’ve cleaned my kitchen roughly 100 times.  These DamKids can’t seem to synchronize their eating patterns so it’s been a revolving door of punks wandering in to the kitchen, rifling through the pantry, slamming drawers and doors, and leaving crumbs and dirty dishes in their wake.  When I longed for summer, this isn’t exactly what I pictured … but it’s all good of course.  The trade off?  No homework.  Again, all good.  : )

Thought I’d throw out a couple of quick and easy dinner ideas we can pull together in a skinny minute; both recipes use a little over half of a two-pound bag of the sale CenSea Frozen Raw Shrimp.  If your family is small, you can probably even get away with making both recipes with one bag, woo hoo.

First of all, these Shrimp and Bok Choy Noodle Bowls are a DamFam favorite.  In fact, nothing makes my kids happier than a bowl of ramen noodles, and that’s the honest truth.  I know.  Simple foods amuse simple palates.  Anyway, I love to make anything that’s a home run every time, and this is one of those meals.  Use the sale shrimp (as discussed above) and also pick up some of the sale Whole White Mushrooms.  If your family isn’t in to mushrooms, you could swap in some julienned sale red bell peppers with no problem.  Any veg’ would be great, you can’t mess this up.

I’m trying to do a main course salad at least once a week throughout the summer.  The Husband and our girls are always up for salad as an entree – No Thank You Boy is not, although he’s getting better (! I know !).  Last time I made this Grilled Romaine & Shrimp Caesar Salad, everyone loved it.  If you’ve never tried grilling lettuce, you should – because it’s fantastic.  There’s a homemade (light) Caesar dressing included in the recipe (awesome), but if you’re truly pressed for time, Maple Grove Farms and Wishbone Dressings are on sale.  Again, use the sale shrimp as discussed above.

Cherry season is finally here!  Channel your inner cherry picker: grab a bag of sale cherries the next time you’re at the store – that way you’ll have them on hand so you can whip up this yummy, fat free Cherry Granita at a moment’s notice.  Enlist the help of any minions who might be wandering around with bored looks on their faces – slap aprons on them and they can do the pitting for you.  The finished product tastes like a cherry popsicle, and what’s not good about that?

Have a great week.  : )

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | June 14th, 2012