Enjoy Sendik's All Week

Here are two kid friendly, mom approved recipes to help you make the most of this week’s Sendik’s sale ad.  The third recommended recipe is strictly approved by yours truly, because my DamKids most definitely did not put their stamp on it.  Maybe yours will.  Personally, I happen to love Tuna & Shells and I don’t mind who knows it.  The punks had better stay on their toes this week or that’s what they’ll be finding on their dinner plates. ; )

I’m not sure anyone knows about this fantastic recipe for Shredded Pork Carnitas.  It’s been on the blog since back in September, the last time the 7 Days, 7 Ways to Save Sale ran, and pork shoulder was also part of the deal.  These tacos are outstanding and one of my favorite Mexican dishes to have at home (great for entertaining too, by the way).  They’re the perfect thing to make this coming Sunday when pork shoulder will be ridiculously inexpensive.  They’ll make your house smell amazing and the leftovers make a great lunch.  In addition to the bargain pork shoulder, look for sale Grower’s Pride Orange Juice.

Mexican food one day, French cuisine the next  – we’re so multicultural, aren’t we?  Sendik’s Black Forest Ham will be on sale on Monday and that’ll be an excellent time to make these Croque Monsieur sandwiches for dinner.  Oh my gosh, yum.  Look for the ham as mentioned; loaves of Breadsmith French Bread (yes, please!) and Brownberry Wide Pan Bread are on sale, as are Shurfresh Butter Quarters if you’re running low.

Lastly, Tuna & Shells – aka Tuna Noodle Casserole, aka DamFam Kryptonite.  Do not ask me why they cannot develop an appreciation for such haute cuisine.  No class, I guess.  I kid, I can’t complain about my bunch too much; even No Thank You Boy has nearly outgrown his long-held title of Pickiest Eater on God’s Green Earth.  But they just cannot get past Tuna Noodle.  I’m putting it out there for you this week anyway because maybe your kids have good taste in quality baked tuna dishes.  If you decide to make it, will you please invite me to dinner?  Look for sale Barilla Pastas, Chicken of the Sea Tuna, Brownberry Wide Pan Breads, and Shurfresh Butter Quarters. 

I’ll close this week with just a little side note:  Sendik’s Cheese of the Month, Sartori’s Merlot Bellavitano, is excellent.  I tried it last night when a friend brought a big, beautiful chunk of it to the paddle house for a post-match snack.  Along with some good seeded crackers, it was delicious.  I’m not a cheese connoisseur, but to me it tastes like a softer, buttery Parmesan and I love the crunch of the little crystals.  If you’re asked to bring a cheese tray anywhere this weekend, add a wedge of the Bellavitano to your selection.  It’s so yummy and no, the Sartori people did not pay me to say any of the the above.

Hope you’re having a great week.

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | February 28th, 2013