Enjoy Sendik's All Week

Here are three great kid tested, mom approved recipes to help you decide what on earth to make your own DamFamily for dinner this week.  I’m including two pork chop recipes because at $1.99 lb. for Sendik’s Natural Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops, you really can’t go wrong serving them up in one form or another sometime soon.  Inexpensive and delicious at the same time — it’s a win win!

Giada’s Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops are the bomdiggity, yo.  We like, totally heart them served with a little pasta marinara, or some buttery mashed potatoes, or a nice rice pilaf.  The original recipe calls for a bone-in chop, but I’ve made them with the same cut that’s on sale this week (boneless sirloin chops) with great success, too.  Look for the sale chops and Sendik’s Imported Grated Parmesan.

For a different, yet equally delicious, spin on pork chops, try this spice rubbed, barbecued version.  You might recognize the ingredients and method if you’ve ever made my favorite Fastest Barbecued Chicken.  Same great, versatile recipe applied to the aforementioned sale pork chops.  At some point it’s going to get warm and stop raining, and we’ll all be able to go outside and man our grills.  In the meantime, slide the chops under the broiler in the (likely) event that the weather stinks.  There’s a simple, from-scratch barbecue sauce involved (don’t be scared) —  but if you’re really time challenged, Stubb’s Barbecue Sauces are on sale this week.

Lastly, for those crazy busy weeknights or just a quick weekend lunch, let me suggest the super easy Baked Ham & Swiss on Pretzel RollsPick up a pound or so of sale Sendik’s Maple Glazed Ham, a chunk of sale Deppeler’s Baby Swiss, and a box of Pretzilla Hamburger or Sausage Rolls, then recruit a wayward punk or two to help you assemble these yummy sandwiches.

Hope you’re having a great week.  : )


Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | April 24th, 2013