Enjoy Sendik's All Week

We’ve just returned from our spring break vacation – maybe you’ve been away, too.   We weren’t on the sort of trip where one passes time by reclining in a poolside lounger whilst sipping fruity frozen umbrella drinks through bendy straws.  No sir.  Rather, the DamFam took the sort of trip which required one to log approximately five miles a day on one’s most sensible shoes.  Good exercise to be sure, but the diet still managed to find its way off the rails for the duration of the trip.  Despite all of the walking, I could use a post-vacation salad.  Here are three that I love.

Easy, delicious, and economical:  Layered Taco Salad is the perfect weeknight dinner.  Sendik’s Ground Chuck is on sale on Tuesdays during the 7 Days, 7 Ways to Save promotion, but I have also used ground turkey when I’m trying to skimp on calories.  Sapori tomatoes are on sale, as are two brands of olive oil (Davinci and Sendik’s).  Chihuahua cheese is also on sale and would be a dressier option than the grated sharp cheddar that the recipe calls for; I might use some of each.

Blackened Salmon Salad is a hearty and gorgeous way to get both your greens and your protein.  Sendik’s Fresh Faroe Island Salmon is on sale; also look for sale Davinci or Sendik’s Brand Olive Oil, Sendik’s Brand Balsamic Vinegar, green and red leaf lettuce, and Sapori tomatoes. 

Finally, if you’ve read the blog for a while, you know I have a passion for Cobb Salad – I’ve never met one I haven’t liked.  This Cobb Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette is my favorite one to have at home.  Save time by using the meat from a rotisserie chicken.  Look for sale red and green leaf lettuce, Sapori tomatoes, and Davinci or Sendik’s Brand Olive Oil.

Have a great week.

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | April 4th, 2013