Enjoy Sendik's All Week

When it comes to dishes you can create with ingredients from Sendik’s current sale ad, I’m kind of all over the map this week.  On one hand, I’d kill for a salad right now.  On the other, I’d love a warm and toasty sandwich.  Had I a third hand, I would really just like to sit down beside a cake stand full of gorgeous homemade cookies.  I can’t explain it.  It’s likely because I think like a food blogger and not a normal person.

Anyway, here are three kid tested, mom approved recipes for hungry (yet indecisive) people just like myself.

Romaine lettuce and Sendik’s Shrimp Skewers are on sale this week, which means it’s the perfect time for a Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad.  I’m sorry the photo isn’t a little bit better but the salad is deee-lish.  If you haven’t ever had grilled romaine, you are really missing out.  Give it a try!  The recipe calls for marinating shrimp and then threading them on to skewers; here the skewering work has been done for you by the nice people in the Seafood Department.  Just place the marinade in a glass casserole dish, set the skewered shrimp in the marinade, and turn them to coat – then proceed as directed.  There’s an easy recipe for lightened up Caesar dressing on the same page, but if you’re not up for homemade, Cardini’s Dressings and Drew’s All Natural Dressings are on sale.  Top your salad with the sale Cardini’s Brand or Fresh Gourmet Brand Croutons. 


When Sendik’s Artisan Pan French Bread and Boar’s Head Black Forest Ham are on sale, I always crave a gooey Croque Monsieur.  It’s one of the best sandwiches of all time, I swear – and it’s perfect for a busy weeknight (which seems to be the only type of weeknight we have around here lately).  If you’re in the same boat, make this very delicious, very French grilled cheese for dinner sometime soon.

I bought a jar of Fisher Gold Roast Peanuts for the Vietnamese Pork Tenderloin I made earlier in the week.  Since no one in my house is really known for standing around snacking on peanuts from a jar (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I usually like to use them up right away when I have them on hand.  That’s when I fill my beloved antique cake stand with the world’s most amazing Peanut Butter Cookies.  Make a batch and feed them to the people you love the most. : )

Have a great week.

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | May 30th, 2013