Enjoy Sendik's All Week

Yesterday afternoon was spent chasing around the house for the miscellaneous gear my youngest needs to take to camp.  She’s leaving this morning at 9:00, so naturally, I left the finding-of-the-stuff until the day before she needed it.  Some of it materialized, some didn’t.  For the random stuff that didn’t turn up (or was outgrown or worn out), we took a last-minute trip to the local mountain man / lumberjack store.   We purchased a charming lime green headlamp with the required number of lumens, the appropriate water shoes (” no skin exposed from the ankle down”) and several pairs of thick and toasty wool hiking socks (“NO COTTON” in CAPS on the packing list).  As I swiped my card and signed the receipt, I said to my small child “I wish there was a camp for moms.”  She sweetly replied, “Mom, when I get back, you can have the ladies over and I’ll show you how to make friendship bracelets, Fruit Loop necklaces and macaroni art.”

So when she comes home in two weeks, any and all who are interested can drop by and my kid will give us the low-down on the latest trends in accessories made from string and cereal, and artwork creations formed from dried pasta.

In the meantime, dinner must be served — here’s what’s coming up at my house:

For a quick and easy weeknight meal, I’ll be making these Spice Rubbed Pork Chops.  The recipe calls for boneless, but the sale Sendik’s Natural Pork Rib Value Packs could easily be swapped in.  As with any barbecued meal, these chops are always a hit with any sort of potato dish on the side.

Looking ahead to the weekend (and who isn’t?), I’m planning to make one of my favorites, Low Country Boil.   It’s hands down the best summer recipe I know of.  It reminds me of going to college in the south, it’s delicious, fun, and messy to eat. And if you’ve never tried it before, you are most surely missing out.  LCB is best served to people who enjoy getting their fingers and faces a little messy when they eat.  Serve this Southern delicacy on a picnic or patio table with plenty of napkins and your favorite cold beverages.  Look for sale Sendik’s Jumbo Prawns Freshwater Grillers and Georgia Bi-Color Sweet Corn. 

If you happen to make the Low Country Boil, I’ll probably invite myself over to your house for dinner.  I’ll bring my one of my favorite summer desserts:  Black & Blueberry Crisp with Peaches and Vanilla Ice Cream.   This comes together in a snap and is truly one of the most delicious fruity desserts I have in my summer repertoire.  You’ll love it too!  It even doubles as a breakfast dish!**  Look for sale blueberries and white peaches in the produce department.  Two brands of ice cream, Blue Bunny and Edy’s, are also on sale this week.

Happy cooking, everyone.  Have a great week.

** (kidding).

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | July 18th, 2013