Enjoy Sendik's All Week

I hope you had a chance to take advantage of the Two Day Meat Sale earlier this week.  It’s Wednesday morning as I write this, and my plan is to skedaddle up to Sendik’s as soon as I’m finished telling you what’s on my shopping list.  Here are some dinner ideas for you if you happen to have shopped for the same cuts I’m planning to buy.  I’ve made room in my freezer, and I’m ready to roll.  There are some good deals and daylight’s wasting, so let’s just cut to the chase!

Sendik’s Natural Boneless Chuck Roasts are featured in the sale; I’ll stash one in my freezer for later but use another for these Beef Soft Tacos tonight.  These are always, always a huge hit here.  The finished dish is more like a Tex-Mex beef stew, but we strain off the cooking liquid and wrap the meat in flour tortillas.  You could keep the liquid and ladle the mixture over rice – I’ve never done it that way but I’m sure it would be excellent too.  For the taco version, Sargento Shredded Cheeses are on sale; Lundberg Rice is on sale if you’d like to serve it as a stew.

I’ll be picking up one or two Sendik’s Pork Tenderloin Value Packs today too, and Pork Medallions with Mushrooms and Madeira will be on our dinner menu sometime this week.  This is an easy and delicious weeknight meal but it looks so pretty that I wouldn’t hesitate to serve it to dinner guests.  Sliced Baby Bellas are on special this week in the regular sale ad.

Sendik’s Natural Chicken Wing Value Packs will definitely find their way into my cart today.  Since I’m always looking ahead to Sunday Funday, I’ve already determined that we’ll have these amazing Spicy Sriracha Wings while we watch the Packers take on the Browns (a home game at 3:25 in case you were wondering).  My youngest isn’t a fan of hot and spicy, so I’ll probably save out a few plain wings for her and toss them with the sale Kendall Rose Teriyaki Marinade.  Wings and football — they go together like pb & j!  If you don’t feel like cooking wings up yourself, keep in mind that Sendik’s Game Day Wings will be on sale Sunday only, during 7 Days, 7 Ways to Save.  Go Pack!!

Have a great week.  : )

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | October 17th, 2013