Enjoy Sendik's All Week

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s edition of Enjoy Sendik’s All Week, where I have three awesome recipes to share, and not one of them has a single thing to do with turkey.  As usual, the dishes shared here will make good use of ingredients featured in the current Sendik’s sale ad.  And all three are kid tested and mom approved.  Who’s hungry?

First of all, Sendik’s Natural USDA Black Angus Chuck Roasts are on sale.  I’ll be picking one up and cubing it for this fantastic Winter Vegetable & Beef Soup.  Temps are forecasted to sink like a stone this weekend, and there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of soup to chase the chill.  In addition to the sale Chuck Roasts, look for special pricing on Jumbo Carrots, Jumbo Idaho Potatoes, Green Giant Select or Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables, and Baker’s Row Mini Oyster Crackers.  If I don’t cave in to special requests and make a batch of popovers, I’ll probably swap in sale Sendik’s Butterflake Rolls or Pillsbury Biscuits to serve alongside the soup.

The best way I know how to make tilapia (so far) is this almond crusted version.  Honestly, even the punks like it.  Sendik’s Natural Farm Raised Fresh Tilapia Fillets are on sale, as are Sliced and Slivered Blanched Almonds.  I love this with a simple rice pilaf and a steamed vegetable.  It’s delish!

Lastly, if you happen to have one of those days where 5:00 arrives and not everything on your ‘to do’ list got done, turn to this fabulous Pasta alla Carbonara for dinner.  This is one of my go-to pasta dishes and I almost always have all of the ingredients on hand (really … if I’ve run out of bacon, eggs, and good Parmesan — check my pulse).  Follow the directions carefully and you will have a quick and easy, yet luxuriously rich pasta dinner in very little time.  Look for sale Creamette Pasta, Egg-Land’s Best Grade A Large Eggs, and Sendik’s Shredded Parmesan. 

Have a great weekend.  Happy cooking!

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | December 5th, 2013