Enjoy Sendik's All Week!

The pizza ingredients in this week’s ad had me wondering how many pizza posts I’ve done here over the past nearly three years. The answer?  Not many!  The three recipes that are on here so far couldn’t be more different from each other if they tried, and they’re all really good.   As always, the entire lot has been kid tested and mother approved – especially the broccoli version.

I was home with a sick kid one day last year and made this Sausage, Pepper, & Onion Pizza on a whim.  You’ll see from the photo that it’s on a pre-made crust, but the original recipe called for French Bread – a version I haven’t actually tried, but my kids are all about French Bread pizza so I definitely will give it a go sometime.  Look for sale Georgia Vidalia Onions, Shurfresh Shredded Mozzarella and Boboli Pizza Crusts.

Pizza takes a turn as an anti-junk food with this White Pizza with Broccoli – I won’t go in to my love affair with white pizza here, but suffice it to say it has been long and involved over the years.  This version has a simple garlic bechamel sauce, lots of fresh broccoli florets and plenty of gooey cheese.  And my kids love it!  Look for the sale Boboli Crusts, Shurfresh Shredded Mozzarella, Shurfresh Butter if you’re running low.  While my first choice for grated Parmesan is always Sendik’s brand, I’ll disclose here that Shurfresh Grated Parmesan in the can is on sale this week.  You decide.  : )

Lastly, I’ll put my favorite French Bread Pizzas out there again.  We just ate them last night in fact – my kids are absolutely over the moon for them and there aren’t even enough left today for the Husband to take to work for lunch.  You can use a French Bread baguette, or the Boboli Crusts, but my absolute favorite way to make them is on the Ecce Pani Square Ciabatta rolls you can buy by the half dozen near the bakery.  Find them with all the other bagged breads; they are fabulous!!  This version has a basic canned sauce that’s embellished with fresh basil, garlic, and a bit of olive oil.  Choose whatever toppings you like – I usually set out pepperoni, diced peppers, julienned red onion, mushrooms and olives and let the kids have at it – but these are also excellent as straightforward plain cheese.  You will LOVE them!  Look for sale Boboli Crusts (if you go that route), Pastorelli Pizza Sauce, Shurfine Canned Mushrooms, Sliced Black Pearls Olives, Shurfresh Shredded Mozzarella and Shurfresh Grated Parmesan. 

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | April 26th, 2012