Enjoy Sendik's All Week, Father's Day Edition

As I write this, it’s Wednesday morning and I’m hanging out at home, waiting for all of this bad weather they’ve promised to show up.  So is the DamDog, poor thing.  I don’t know if she can actually understand what Scott Steele is saying in his forecast, or if she has some sort of meteorological sixth sense, but the she can definitely sense a disturbance in the force and as such, she’s hiding in the bathtub as we speak.  Bad weather isn’t really her thing, bless her heart.  That doesn’t have anything to do with Father’s Day, I know — other than that hopefully the outlook will be better for dads everywhere this coming Sunday.

If you haven’t thought ahead about what fabulous dishes to treat the dad(s) in your life to on his (their) big day, here are some great recipes that make excellent use of ingredients you’ll find in this week’s sale ad.  I’m including one of my favorite salads and two great entrée options.

This Panzanella is my all-time favorite summer salad – I don’t even care that much for raw tomatoes, and I could practically eat the entire bowl.  Leftovers make the world’s most outstanding lunch!  It’s colorful and gorgeous, easy to pull together, and would be a great compliment to anything grilled.  Look for sale red bell peppers, stem tomatoes, and Sendik’s Mini French Loaves. 

If it was Youngest Daughter’s Day this coming Sunday, these Barbecued Ribs would be what my small child would choose to have for dinner.  Over the next few days, she will lobby hard for The Husband to choose them as well.  Honestly, if I discovered she had been slipping him subliminal menu suggestions in advance of Sunday dinner, it would not surprise me in the slightest.  She’s a crafty little thing, I have to give her that.  Anyway, if your dad loves ribs, treat him to these.  Value Packs of Sendik’s Natural Fresh Pork Back Ribs are on sale, and so is Famous Dave’s Barbecue Sauce.

Maybe surf and turf is your dad’s thing.  If it is, pick up a couple of sale Sendik’s Natural Bone-In Ribeyes and a pound or two of the sale Wild Caught Jumbo Snow Crab Legs.  Follow this fool proof recipe for serving up the crab.  If it were Mother’s Day, this is what I’d be choosing.  Maybe I’ll resort to some subliminal messaging of my own.

Happy Father’s Day everyone, and happy cooking, too.  Have a great week.

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | June 12th, 2013