Enjoy Sendik's All Week: Jan 10, 2013

Happy Thursday and welcome to this week’s edition of ESAW.  Here are three kid tested, mom approved recipes to get you through busy weeknights and offer a little inspiration for Packer playoff dining on Saturday night.

I’ve confessed here that the DamKids have a thing for ramen noodles.  Actually, so does the Husband.  You may recall I gave up ramen after what happened in my freshman dormroom in early 1987.  However, once in a while I get a crazy craving, and when I do, we have Shrimp Noodle Bowls with Baby Bok Choy for dinner.  Tonight is one of those nights – shrimp are on sale and ramen are 10 for a buck so woo hoo, dinner is served.  Look for sale CenSea Raw Large Easy Peel Shrimp; as mentioned, Maruchan Ramen are pennies.  I like to serve these with steamed edamame and spring rolls from the deli on the side.  Yummy.

Suppose you’re hosting a crowd for the playoff game on Saturday night and suppose also that you’re suffering from pizza burnout.  Here are two great slider options that make good use of the sale Sendik’s Natural Black Angus Ground Chuck Value Packs.  I love serving these little burgers to a crowd because they’re not an overwhelming main dish, especially when there will probably be a lot of junkie football watching food (I mean that in a nice way) on the buffet when the game is on.  All part of the fun, of course.  But it’s the New Year and some of us are trying to behave ourselves and portion control is key.  Sliders are the perfect answer. Here are two:

Stuffed Sliders Your Way:  clean out your cheese drawer and offer guests several different flavor options.  Mix it up, serve a wide array of toppings –you can’t go wrong.  Love these.  You will too. : )  If your cheese drawer is sadly empty, try the sale Holland Gouda and Henning’s Medium Cheddar, either would be excellent. 

For a fun Italian spin, try these Meatball Parmigiana Sliders.  Look for sale Gia Russa Marinara, Egg Innovations Cage Free Eggs.  A perfect side dish are Roasted Italian Potatoes; find the recipe on the same page.  Fingers and toes crossed for a big win on Saturday night … go Pack go!!

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | January 10th, 2013