No-Cook Tomato Sauce

This no-cook sauce is is possibly the freshest tasting and most frugal recipe I’ve made all summer long.  In this version, diced roma tomatoes marinate in their own juices along with good olive oil, fresh garlic, Italian parsley, and a bit of jalapeno for just a little punch.  Toss it with a pound of cooked pasta, top it with a little good Parmesan, and serve some warm bread alongside.  Yum.  Dinner is served!

And a little p.s:  For leftover sauce, pile strained spoonfuls of the tomato mixture on top of grilled slices of baguette (sale Sendik’s French Bread OR Sendik’s Ciabatta Rolls would be great choices) for a little homemade bruschetta.  Perfect for a light lunch or alongside cocktails on the patio.  Enjoy.  : )

Makes enough for one pound of dried pasta
Source:  Fine Cooking Magazine, August/September 2011.  p. 49.  Recipe by Melissa Pellegrino.

Method:  Put 1/4 cup tightly packed fresh Italian Parsley leaves, 1 smashed medium clove garlic, and 1 small seeded chile (like serrano or jalapeno) on a cutting large cutting board.  Mince the ingredients together; transfer to a medium bowl.  Cut 2 1/2 lbs. ripe roma tomatoes (this is about 10 tomatoes) into 1/2″ dice.  Add the tomatoes and 2 TBS good quality extra virgin olive oil to the bowl with the parsley mixture.  Season to taste with kosher salt.  Serve over hot cooked pasta; pass grated Parmesan at the table if desired.

SOME SALE NOTES:  You could swap out the roma tomatoes for the sale Campari tomatoes if you’d like.  Campari tomatoes are somewhere between cherry tomatoes and a regular stem tomatoes in size, I would quarter them instead of dicing them (they’d be tedious to dice).  Three different brands of olive oil are on sale this week, take your pick between Alessi, Colavita, or Davinci.  If you’re looking for good bread to serve alongside, Sendik’s French Bread and Sendik’s Ciabatta Rolls are also on sale as I mentioned above.  Have a great week.


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