Rotisserie Chicken Tuesday

I just found out yesterday that for the next little while (not forever, but for a while) Sendiks delicious Rotisserie Chickens will be $4.99 on Tuesdays.  That’s right, $4.99.  $4.99!  What a deal!

Since you might be needing a break from leftover ham and all of it’s heavy accompaniments (the DamFam is, we’ve been eating it for two days now), I thought it would be fun to pull together a few of my favorite recipes that make great use of timesaving rotisserie chicken.


First of all, here’s a Chicken and Spinach Salad that I absolutely LOVE.  Spinach is on sale through tomorrow if you’re so inclined to give this one a try.

Another of my all time favorites is this Layered Nacho Salad. Yum.  You really can’t go wrong.  My kids adore it too!

If the rain has put you in the mood for soup, here’s my friend Ann’s favorite FFF recipe – Tortilla Soup.  She’s the one who turned me on to using rotisserie chicken in it, so I have to give her full credit for that ingenious suggestion.  Thanks Ann!

I just caught a glimpse of the new sale ad and I’m so excited to share a brand new recipe with you tomorrow.  For now, enjoy Rotisserie Chicken Tuesday!

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | April 26th, 2011