There's something for everyone to Enjoy Sendik's All Week!

I’m so excited about the current ad because there are tons of good main ingredients on sale.  In fact, I had trouble narrowing down all the awesome recipes you can make with this week’s sale ingredients – but here’s the list I came up with, and I think there’s something for just about everyone here.  Enjoy!

First of all, I’m a total freak for fish tacos.  Here’s a great recipe and an awesome chance to try swai if you’ve never had it before;  it’s a very mild, white flaky fish (similar to tilapia).  Baja Fish Tacos with Southwestern Slaw:  the entire main course comes together in a skinny minute.  I love the slaw, but if you’re short on time, swap in some Sendik’s pico de gallo or pick up a jar of sale Frontera Salsa.  In addition to the sale swai, look for sale La Banderita Flour Tortillas or La Tortilla Factory Corn Tortillas.  Yum.

One more fish recipe:  use either the sale cod or the sale haddock to make this Sear Roasted Cod with Horseradish Aioli & Lemon Zest Breadcrumbs.  I know that sounds like a mouthful.  And you might think it’s complicated because it has such a fancy title.  But it’s really not … and it’s quite delicious … and I wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t totally worth making.

Perfect for a busy weeknight or an easy Sunday supper, I strongly suggest this delicious Penne with Sausage, Tomato and Romano.  Not only is it a DamFam favorite, but it also comes from Cooking Light (although I’d challenge any of your diners to notice).  Look for sale Sendik’s Italian Sausage and Creamette Pastas.

This winter I’ve been trying to make a pot of soup on Friday afternoons, just to have in the fridge for hungry people over the weekend.  Sometimes it works, and by Sunday, we still have a little soup for lunch.  Other times friends stop over at 5:00 on Friday for cocktails and end up staying through the dinner hour and beyond (I love when that happens), and I end up serving the soup to our guests.  I recommend you make a pot of this awesome Creamy Chicken & Wild Rice Soup on Friday afternoon, and that way you’ll be prepared for whatever the weekend throws at you.  Hopefully you stocked up on sale boneless chicken breasts on Tuesday; also look for sale Baby Bella Mushrooms and Shurfresh Half and Half.

Have a great week!  :-)

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | February 16th, 2012