Meet the Grower: Bear Creek Orchards

Sendik’s is proud to offer a truly unique Comice pear from Bear Creek Orchards in Oregon.  The pear has both an amazing historic story and exceptional eating qualities. This same pear is grown for the famous Harry and David gift baskets as the “Royal Riviera.”
The Bear Creek Orchards Difference:
Oregon is renowned for having some of the world’s best pear growing conditions. What makes the Bear Creek pear so unique, however, is the cold storage process. Once harvested, the fruit is held under exact conditions for one month allowing the starches to mature into natural sugars.  This is a rare practice found within the industry but it results in the highly sought after eating qualities of Bear Creek Orchard’s fruit.
The History:
Bear Creek Orchards was founded on land in the Rogue River Valley of Oregon by a successful hotelier Sam Rosenberg. Sam unfortunately died only four years after purchasing the land in
1910. His two sons Harry and David continued the family farming operations located along Bear Creek. The orchard has remained successful to this day and has become widely renowned for its truly superior fruit.
News | October 16th, 2014