Koval Distillery

In the midst of the new craft distilling movement there are producers truly seeking to create something distinctive; I heard of a whiskey house in Chicago named Koval and I had to visit with husband/wife distillers Richard and Sonia to find out if they were producing something special.

After a short ride to Chicago with a good friend I arrived at the unassuming building that houses Koval Distillery. Due to a lucky mis-communication I wasn’t expected for another 2 days and Richard was in the middle of distilling his pear eau-de-vie (not currently distributed in WI), although he had his hands full he took some time to show me around. Using techniques he learned from his father, who produced eau-du-vie in Austria, Richard employs a column still for his distillates. Without going into too much detail here Richard does most work by hand including making his own mash and meticulously checking the product as it is being distilled only using the best of his output (I know you have seen that in print before but I mean the VERY best).

The flavor profile of Koval’s whiskeys mirror the approach Richard takes in the distillery, one of precision and purity (they remind me of quality vodka, only WAY more complex and MUCH better). Koval’s product line of whiskeys are oak-free, organic, and kosher, in an effort to explore the different profiles of various grains they do not blend multiple grains in the mash bill so they are 100% “varietal”. There are five whiskeys produced; oat (not currently distributed in WI), spelt, millet, wheat and rye. Koval also makes some of the most interesting liquors I’ve had in some time; rose hip, chrysanthemum honey, jasmine, ginger and a beer based liqueur named Beirbrand. My favorites are the millet whiskey and the rose hip liqueur but I encourage tasting through the entire portfolio becase finding your drink or cocktail of choice should be no trouble at all.

If you’d like to order any of these or would like more information please email Dwight Brown at dwight.brown@sendiksmarket.com

Pricing for the whiskeys are 39.99/750mL on Sale for 34.99/750mL

Liquors are 24.99/375mL on Sale for 22.99/375mL

Wine & Spirits | July 17th, 2010