New Sendik's White Shark Wheat Craft Beer

Here’s the long and the short… whether or not you even like beer, you’re going to love Sendik’s White Shark Wheat. So the truth might vary from time to time, but we really did set out to make a beer that you, our customer, would love and find irresistibly priced. Sounds easy? Well, it took us a while…. After all our trials and tribulations and 5 years of drinking beer (some good, some we’re happy you’ll never have to know of) we’re proud to offer you our very own Sendik’s White Shark Wheat Beer. Artesian brewed locally by the proud team of Craft Brewers at the Milwaukee Brewing Co (owners and operators of the Milwaukee Ale House), we set out on a mission to bring you affordable drinking excitement and feel White Shark Wheat is everything you’ve ever wanted in your beer at a price that will have you grinning even before your first sip.

White Shark Wheat is a traditional Belgian styled Witbier spiced with coriander, orange peel, and candied ginger; A true Craft Beer that is distinct in its unique flavors and yet crisp and easy to drink. If you think coriander and orange peel might be a bit much for you, don’t worry, we worked hard to incorporate nuance and balance. An original that we think is everything you’ve ever wanted in a crisp, easy drinking, and refreshing beer.

Working with Milwaukee Brewing Co has been a great experience. Their efforts are focused on making real craft product and using the highest quality ingredients to make the best products they can. We had to be patient and understanding as they’ve grown and expanded into their new facility on south 2nd street. Soon tours will be available for you to witness what is a one time home brewers dream come true.

We hope to see you soon and can’t wait for your feedback.


Featured, Wine & Spirits | February 1st, 2010