I just got back from an outstanding trip to Munich Germany for their famed Oktoberfest.

Here are a few fun facts of what I learned about the event and its history.

  • Sorry Summerfest, Oktoberfest is the larget public festival in the world.  There is no entrance fee.
  • The only brewers at the fest are Spaten, Paulaner, Hofbrau, Lowenbrau and Augustiner.  These breweries are located within the city limits of Munich.
  • There are 14 BIG tents that can accommodate some 48,000 inside their tents each day.
  • The tents are constructed and deconstructed each year for the fest.
  • Over 6 million people attend yearly with over 6 million liters of beer consumed
  • For some reason the most popular song is “Country Roads” by John Denver, I think I heard it played 10 times.
  • Next year is the 200th Anniversary- If you like beer, you should start planning now.
  • Until then we have a wide selection of Oktoberfest beers available at our stores for you to try.
Wine & Spirits | October 9th, 2009