Everyday we work to have the absolute best products readily available. When it comes to whiskey, we offer something a little different and something you’ll only find in a few select locations in the world. We’re talking about our Single Barrel Selections from the land of bourbon.

We think that all bourbon is great. However, some are better than others and it is this difference we’re talking about today. Our current selections were distilled several years ago and only this past winter did we select the best barrels we thought were worthy of offering to customers. This process is unique in that no two barrels are alike. The differences arise from the oak staves that are singular to each barrel. The exact location of the barrel in the rickhouse also plays a huge role. In the hot Kentucky summer, the top of the rickhouse can be about 20 degrees warmer than the first floor, making those whiskeys age faster.

We tasted through dozens of samples to find a selection that at once typifies the usual style of the product and also has the step up in quality we expect to find in only but a few single barrels. Of all the samples we taste, we’re lucky to find 10% that meet our rigorous standards. We look forward to our release of these single barrel selections, as it allows us to offer the highest quality at the same cost as the traditional bottlings.

Each in the series have been selected from a large batch of samples. What we learned when we tasted through all the samples is that no two barrels are the same. The differences between two barrels that have the same juice inside and have aged right next to each other for the same amount of time is remarkable. This discovery led us to expand our single barrel bourbon selections, and after a few years of doing so, we have become home to largest selection of hand selected single barrel bourbon in the state of Wisconsin thanks to all of your enthusiasm. New this time are single barrel offerings from Bernheim and Henry McKenna.

This particular batch of single barrels is special because they all come from the same distillery, Heaven Hill, but are produced in a myriad of different ways. So here’s what can you expect.  You’ll experience familiar flavors and aromas as compared to the typical small batch bottlings, and will also have the singular experience of tasting a whiskey that is wholly unique.  We only select complete whiskey’s that offer balance in their expression of fruit, spice, oak and heat. And they are now available at Sendik’s, just in time for Father’s Day. Cheers!


News, Wine & Spirits | June 12th, 2013