At Sendik’s, the health and safety of our associates and customers is our top priority.  We know you look to us to provide food and supplies to your family, and this is a responsibility we take very seriously.  

Our goal is to keep you as informed as possible about the efforts we are making to keep you and your family safe during this evolving situation of COVID-19.  Please use this page as a reference for our ongoing COVID-19 updates and most up to date communication.

Sendik’s Official Communication

3/17/2020: Reserved Shopping Hour

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you doing to create a safer in-store shopping environment?

You’ll see many changes that we’ve made in our stores to create the safest possible shopping environment.  These include: 

  • • All Sendik’s associates are required to wear coverings.
  • • Added measures to ensure social distancing including decals on the floors at checkout lanes & staggering open checkout lanes.
  • A plexiglass shield divider has been installed on top of the register systems to provide a divider between the customer and associate
  • A Sendik’s associate dedicated to the wipe down and sanitization of shopping carts as you enter the store
  • • Along with a third party cleaning service, our maintenance team works overnight in deep cleaning high touch areas in our stores
  • Temporary suspension of all in-store food and beverage sampling events
  • Increased frequency throughout the day of routine cleaning on all high-touch areas throughout the store, including door handles, register belts, scale surfaces and self-touch register screens
  • Self-service bars (hot bar, salad bar & soup) have temporarily been suspended

What if I don’t want to shop in stores right now? 

We offer Sendik’s Express for guests that would prefer to shop online.  Choose from curbside pick-up or delivery at We are working around the clock to fill orders and are opening more time slots as capacity allows.  

What are you doing for at-risk customers? 

We are asking guests to reserve the 7 am – 8 am shopping hour each day for those shoppers who are at a higher risk of severe illness by COVID-19, which includes older adults (60+) and individuals who have compromised immune systems. If you are healthy and not at-risk, we are asking you to not shop during these hours. It is a small request, but may have a positive impact on this group that is most vulnerable.

We also encourage at-risk customers to use our curbside pick-up and delivery via Sendik’s Express.

How can customers help in providing a safe shopping experience?

• Allow for at least 6 feet of space between you, other customers and Sendik’s associates while shopping. Kindness is best observed from 6 ft away

• Bring the fewest number of people (one is preferable) per shopping trip as necessary to shop

• Remain behind the plexiglass shield at checkout until your order is bagged. This is important for your health and welfare and the well being of the Sendik’s team member serving you. 

Do you have the products I need?  Are there limits? 

We promise you that we are doing the best that we can to provide everything that you and your family are looking for.  We have had to place limits on high demand items to do what’s right for everyone in our community.

What are you doing for your associates? 

The health and safety of our associates is our top priority. We are encouraging team members to stay home when sick. We have a dedicated Human Resources team readily available to answer any associate questions or concerns. They are working with each associate for their individual needs and providing flexible working arrangements.

Are you requiring your employees to wear a mask and gloves?

Effective 4/29/2020, all Sendik’s associates are required to wear face coverings.

Additionally, based on the guidance of health professionals, we are not requiring associates to wear gloves who would not normally be required to wear them as part of their normal daily job function.  This guidance is based on the fact that:

  • If a glove touches a contaminated surface, it is potentially more likely to spread a virus as is a bare hand. We are requiring our associates to frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer regularly between washings.

  • Gloves can provide a false sense of security. Wearing them from one task to another potentially spreads a virus to all those places. 

Please know that all of our practices are monitored by a public health professional employed by Sendik’s.

Are you currently taking returns? 

We have suspended in-store returns at this time.  Because the CDC has confirmed that COVID-19 survives on surfaces, we can not guarantee the safety of products after they have left our store.  Of course, if there is a quality control issue on a Sendik’s product, we will work with you to make things right.

Can I use my reusable bag? 

The health of our customers and associates is our top priority. Based on guidance from health officials, we will be temporarily suspending the use of reusable shopping bags beginning on Monday, March 23rd. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

What options for contactless payment do you provide?

Sendik’s currently has three different options for contactless payment:

Apple Pay

Contactless EMV:  Most new credit cards offer a contactless chip to offer payments without inserting the card into the pinpad.  The contactless symbol on credit or debit card will allow you to “tap and pay” without touching the pin pad or confirming the total.

Samsung Pay/ Google Pay