Red Bag Rewards

Sendik's Red Bag Rewards

Earn double Red Bag Rewards points when you purchase these items throughout the month of December.

Jones Sausage

Jones Sausage
5-12 oz

Honeycrisp Apples

Michigan Grown Honeycrisp Apples

Sabra Hummus

Sabra Hummus
10 oz



Suzy’s Cheesecakes, Square Variety Pack
20 oz


Superior Fresh

Superior Fresh Salads
4.5 oz


Crunchmaster Crackers

Crunchmaster Crackers
3.54-4 oz

Fisher Peanuts

Fisher Oven Roasted Nuts
8.75-10.5 oz


Miyoko's Butter

Miyokos Creamery Butter
8-12 oz

Copper Kettle Cheese

Cello Copper Kettle Cheese Wedge
6 oz

Inspired Organics Vegetables

Inspired Organics Fruits & Vegetables
10 oz

Sendik's Cakerie Slice

Sendik’s Cake Slices, Assorted Varieties
7 oz

Sendik's 3 Compartment Meal

Sendik’s 3 Compartment Meals

”Sendik's Chocolate Bar

Sendik’s Candy Bars
2.15 oz

Sendik's Cottage Cheese

Sendik’s Cottage Cheese
22 oz

Sendik's Popcorn

Sendik’s Popcorn
22 oz

Sendik's Pancake Mix

Sendik’s Pancake Mix
16 oz

Sendiks Pinsa Pizza

Sendik’s Pinsa Romana Pizza

Sendik's Olive Oil

Sendik’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil
3 ltr

Sendik's Block Cheese

Sendik’s Block Cheese
10-13 oz

Sendiks Mixed Nuts

Sendik’s Nuts, Select Varieties
10-12 oz

Sendik's Pasta Sauce

Sendik’s Pasta Sauce
24 oz

For more information, visit our Red Bag Rewards FAQs page.