Red Bag Rewards

Sendik's Red Bag Rewards

Earn double Red Bag Rewards points when you purchase these items throughout the month of July.

Sartori Montamore

Sartori Montamore, Old World Cheddar and Heritage Cheddar
7 oz

Ethel's Bakery

Ethel’s Bakery – Assorted Varieties
8-10 oz

Garden Fresh Gourmet Salsa

Garden Fresh Salsa – Assorted Varieties
16 oz

Summer Ripe Peaches

Summer Ripe Peaches

Cherries - From California

Cherries – From California

Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauce

Dave’s Gourmet Hot Sauce
16 oz

From The Ground Up Crackers

From the Ground Up Crackers
4 oz

Earth Friendly Dishmate

Earth Friendly Dishmate
25 oz

Good Health Chips

Good Health Chips
5 oz

GT's Kombucha

GT’s Kombucha
16 oz

Koops Organic Mustard

Koops’ Organic Mustard
12 oz

Sendik's Grated Parmesan

Sendik’s Grated Parmesan
8 oz

Sendik's Cold Pack Cheese

Sendik’s Cold Pack Cheese
15-16 oz

Sendik's Chip Dips

Sendik’s Chip Dips
10-15.5 oz

Sendik's Cottage Cheese

Sendik’s Cottage Cheese
22 oz

Sendik's Large Eggs

Sendik’s Large Eggs – Cage Free, Free Range, Organic Free Range, Pasture Raised

Sendik's Popcorn

Sendik’s Popcorn Popped – Gourmet Theater & Salted White
22 oz

Sendik's Preserves

Sendik’s Preserves & Jelly
8.5-10.5 oz

Sendik's White Corn Tortillas

Sendik’s White Corn Tortillas
10.8 oz


For more information, visit our Red Bag Rewards FAQs page.