Red Bag Rewards

Sendik's Red Bag Rewards

Earn double Red Bag Rewards points when you purchase these items throughout the month of September.

Red Apple Cheese

Red Apple Cheese
7-8 oz

Busseto Salami Nuggets

Busseto Salami Nuggets – Assorted Varieties
8 oz

Bob Evans Hash Browns

Bob Evans Hash Browns
20 oz

Jones Sausage

Jones Dairy Farm Sausage
5-12 oz

Nature Blessed Fruit

Nature Blessed Fruit
12-40 oz


Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce
15-24 oz

Grain Trust Rice

Grain Trust Rice
20-30 oz

Sugar in the Raw

Sugar in the Raw
25-100 ct & 12.5-32 oz

Butter Buds Sprinkles

Butter Buds Sprinkles
2.5 oz


NatraTaste Gold
9.7 oz

Monk Fruit Raw

Monk Fruit in the Raw
40 ct & 4.8 oz

Stevia Raw

Stevia in the Raw
50-100 ct & 2.6-9.7 oz

Agave Raw

Agave in the Raw or Honey in the Raw
18.5 oz & 16 oz

Hamel Syrup

Hamel 100% Pure Maple Syrup
8-16 oz

Ithaca Hummus

Ithaca Hummus
10 oz

Sno Pack Organic

Sno Pac Organic Frozen Vegetables – Assorted Varieties
10 oz

Sendik's Cottage Cheese

Sendik’s Cottage Cheese
22 oz

Sendik's Roasted Peanuts

Sendik’s Roasted Peanuts
15 oz


Sendik's Pasta

Sendik’s Pasta
16 oz


Sendik's Tavern Style Pizza

Sendik’s Tavern Style Pizza
26.01-32.3 oz

Sendik’s Spices

Sendik’s Spices
.35-5 oz

Sendik's Crushed Tomatoes

Sendik’s Crushed or Peeled Tomatoes
28 oz


Sendik's Cakerie Slice

Sendik’s Cakerie Slices – Assorted Varieties

Sendik's Organic Cut Green Beans

Sendik’s Organic Canned Vegetables – Assorted Varieties

Sendik's Chips

Sendik’s Potato Chips
1.375-5 oz

Sendik's Hamburger Buns

Sendik’s Hamburger Buns
8 ct

Sendik's Hot Dog Buns

Sendik’s Hot Dog Buns
8 ct

For more information, visit our Red Bag Rewards FAQs page.