Antipasto Salad

5,Provolone Cheese (pasteurized cheese,cheese cultures, salt, enzymes, natural smoke flavor, natamycin (natural mold inhibitor)), Pepperoni(Pork, beef, salt, contains less than 2% of water, dextrose, natural spice s, oleoresin of paprika, lactic acid starter culture, garlic powder,sodium nitrite, BHA, BHT, citric acid, gluten free), Grape Tomatoes, Green Olives, Italian Dry Salame (pork, salt, less than 2% of dextrose, spices, wine, sodium ascorbate, natural flovorings, lactic acid starter culture, sodium nitrite, sodiumnitrate), Celery, House Vinaigrette (oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic & spices), Spices.