Sara Lee Lemon Meringue Creme Pie 23 Oz

Made with real lemon juice. Rich & delicious. Make any meal special with the taste of Lemon Meringue Creme Pie from the kitchens of Sara Lee made with only one finest ingredients, our rich and delicious creme pie starts with a crunchy cookie crust, and is filled with creamy and tangy filling made with real lemon juice and topped with real golden meringue. Questions or comments? Toll-free! 1-800-323-7117 if calling about a specific purchase, please have packaging available. For great recipes, baking tips, and latest product news, visit our web site: Write us at: Sara Lee Consumer Affairs P.O. Box 3901 Peoria, IL 61612. Try another one of our Sara Lee Desserts! Sara Lee offers a variety of delicious desserts, providing you the perfect cheesecake, pound cake, or cream pie for any meal or occasion. Sara Lee Desserts are sure to satisfy everyone with their homemade taste and real, quality ingredients. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing. Please recycle.