Strauss Veal Steaks, Italian Style

Chopped, formed and breaded. Tender & tasty in 10. No preservatives. No artificial ingredients. No MSG. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Group raised veal. Never tethered - Raised in groups - Never administered growth hormones (Federal regulations do not permit the use of growth hormones in veal). Visit for many more recipes and cooking tips - including those shown here. Veal's New Direction: For four generations, The Strauss family has produced excellent veal. Today, we proudly carry on that tradition offering 100% tether-free, group raised veal. Our calves are raised by independent American family farmers in a low-stress environment, producing delicately flavored veal in a manner that you can feel good about. We believe that by doing what is right for your calves, we are also doing what is right for our customers. Learn more by visiting our site: Previously frozen. Born and raised in USA.