HERSHEY'S Zero Sugar Chocolate Syrup, Gluten Free, Fat Free, Aspartame Free, 17.5 Oz, Bottle

No sugar? No problem! If you're searching for a chocolaty alternative without sacrificing taste, HERSHEY'S sugar-free chocolate syrup allows you to savor the iconic flavor of HERSHEY'S chocolate without the added sweetener. This sugar-free chocolate sauce is packed with genuine chocolate flavor, as well as vitamins and minerals. No matter what you're making or who is at your gathering, pop open the lid, then squeeze, swirl, dot or drizzle the syrup onto some of your favorite drinks and desserts. Squeeze the syrup onto your ice cream sundaes as a tasty topping or stir it into a cold glass of milk — chocolaty milk mustaches, anyone? Do you need a little sweetness in your midday coffee to make a mocha, some extra goodness in your hot cocoa or a chocolate drizzle over your dessert? Enjoy the sweet, savory and delicious taste of chocolate syrup that's sugar-free on everything from cakes to cookies. And when your guests require sugarless options, they can enjoy your genuine chocolate snacks like everyone else. Once you're finished, place the bottle in the refrigerator to keep the syrup fresh.