Birds Eye® C&W® Tiny Whole Green Beans 12 oz. Bag

Haricots verts: once again, birds eye continues its proud tradition of bringing new and unique vegetable varieties to your table. If your family really likes green beans, we think they'll really appreciate our haricots verts. Not only do they taste great, these tiny green beans make a big visual impression that turns a simple everyday meal into something elegant. At birds eye, we believe passionately in quality and the quality of life, family and friendships are the only reasons for our existence. We also believe that our mission is to bring our customers only the very best quality products. That is our heritage and that is our future. Our pledge is to offer our customers the very best grown and instantly quick frozen vegetables, and to continuously improve the choice of products that we offer you. Thank you for choosing birds eye products. You will always get our very best since quality is our business. Microwaveable. Premium Quality.