Fresh Bellies Baby Food Broc N' Roll

Palates in training. Pre-schooler to 100+ years. Welcome to the Groovy side. So what are Groovies? A puff? Nope, they're not puffs. Groovies are smaller, denser and groovier, literally. They're made with sorghum and vegetables and seasoned with groovy herbs and spices. What's sorghum, you ask? It's an ancient whole grain that's been rockin' the world for thousands of years for its nutritional gluten free and environmentally responsible crop. Totally rad! When we came across sorghum, we thought: What if we took this far out crop and turned it into a clean, tasty snack for kiddos? Impossible! said the skeptics. But that's exactly what we did. Enjoy! Our snacks are da bomb! Veggie-powered goodness. No added sugars or fruity flavors. Whole ingredients. Preservative-free. Just big flavor, big crunch and a lot of grooviness in every bite! Your child may be ready for Groovies if they walk independently, pick up food to self-feed and chew a variety of textures.