Nestle Original Malted Milk

Per 3 Tbsp: 90 calories; 1 g sat fat (5% DV); 100 mg sodium (4% DV); 10 g sugars. Made with the goodness of natural barley. Please recycle. Malty deliciousness for your favorite foods and beverages! More Recipes: Search Nestle Carnation Malted Milk on Nutritional Compass: Nestle - Good food, good life. Good Question: How can Nestle Carnation Malted Milk add zing to my milk and home-baked goods? Good to Know: Well, its malted barley goodness provides both energy and a distinct, deliciously-flavored sweetness that tastes great in milk, smoothies, milk shakes, pancakes, cookies and cake. Good to Remember: Nestle Carnation Malted Milk has a 70-year heritage of providing consistent, high-quality flavor and nutrition to some of people's favorite baked goods and ice cream treats. Good to Connect: Visit us at 1-800-637-8538 M-F 8am to 8pm EST. Nestle Carnation Malted Milk is available in chocolate and original flavor.