Barrys Tea Tea, Gold Blend, BAgs

Expertly blended in Ireland since 1901. Family owned since 1901. As a family owned Irish company since 1901, we understand the importance of tea in Ireland. In fact we have spent years perfecting has been passed on through generations of our family. Since the beginning our master blender has never compromised in his absolute commitment to fine quality tea. Tea is a great source of hydration and is naturally low in calories. For over 110 years, our tea journey has always begun in the world's finest tea gardens. That's why at every harvest, we get first pick of the most exceptional teas, sourcing the finest leaves from Kenya, Rwanda and the Assam Valley of India to give Barry's tea its much loved taste and unmistakable quality. Rainforest Alliance Certified. Box printed in Ireland. 100% recyclable. Twitter. Facebook. Product of Ireland.