Good Earth Sensorial Blends Bags Turmeric & Lemon, Bags Herbal Tea 15 Ea

Flavored herbal tea. Natural flavorings. Good earth. California 1972 ginger, turmeric & lemon a colorful cup zinging with lemon and a kick of turmeric and ginger. A wonderful start to the day! Born to be bold when you re born in 1970's California you've got no chance of coming out boring - that's why all our beverages are packed with natural ingredients and bold flavors to invigorate and rejuvenate the soul. 120z boiling water + 1 teabag + steep 3 mins + enjoy! A bright world view, a cosy hug of positivity and lots and lots of color. See the world through our eyes - it's a breath of fresh air. Biodegradable (teabag industrial compostable) teabags. Refreshingly good. We're part of a network of like minded individuals, businesses and communities working together toward a common goal: protecting the future of our planet. Eco friendly packaging. Box widely recycled.