Naleczowianka Mineral Water, Carbonated

Natural mineral water. Low sodium. Thanks to low sodium level it is recommended for everyday drinking. Naleczowianka natural mineral water flows deep underground being enviously guarded by the green land of the Lubelska upland, to which it owes its secret: the magnesium and calcium compounds and other minerals, the low sodium contents and the crystal purity. The only mineral water recommended by SPA Naleczow. Water directly from the source in Naleczow. Please recycle. Total Mineral Content: 650 mg/litre. Low sodium level. 0 KJ - 0 calories. Composition in mg/litre: Ca2+: 110.2 ppm; MG2+: 23.1 ppm; K+: 2.8 ppm; Na+: 11.0 ppm; HCO3: 453.7 ppm; SiO2: 21.52 ppm; CI-: 9.2 ppm; F-: 0.3 ppm. Hit Polish product in USA: 2004. From Poland to USA. Product of Poland.