Oregon Specialty Fruit, Dark Sweet Cherries

Fruit products. Connect with us online! Fruit - everyone's talking about it - how to get more of it in your diet, which ones are superfoods and how to get the most bang for the nutritional buck. For a fresh conversation about fruit, health and fun, check out our Queen of Tarts blog. You'll also find a step-by-step tutorial on how to make chocolate cherry creme cake using Oregon dark sweet cherries - the mahogany-colored burst of sweet elegance is a jubilee of good taste. The recipe can be found on the inside of this label. Find more recipes at blog.oregonfruit.com; Facebook: facebook.com/oregonfruit. Toll Free: 1-800-394-9333. www.oregonfruit.com. blog.oregonfruit.com. 100% natural grown in the USA. Product of USA.