Olivado Omega Plus Oil

Natural. Balanced omega 3 & 6. A cold pressing of avocado, olives and flaxseeds. Suitable for vegans. No unpleasant fish oils. Taste the goodness. The Story - In 2000, Olivado developed the world's first extra virgin avocado from the fresh, ripe flesh of New Zealand avocados. Olivado's omega oils, a natural way to enjoy a balanced blend of omega essential fatty acids, contain omegas 6 and 3 at a ratio of 2:1. No fish oils are used. The Taste - A delicious and tasty blend of organic extra virgin avocado and olive oils to balance the taste of flaxseed oil. Enjoy as a salad dressing, drizzled over steamed vegetables, in a smoothie, with a morning bowl of cereal or just 2 teaspoons straight from the bottle. The Goodness - The omega 3s in plant products such as flaxseed oil are short chain ALA, while those in fish oil are long chain DHA/EPA. Olivado's extra virgin avocado and olive oils contain powerful antioxidants such as phenolic compounds, vitamin E, beta sitosterol, Co Q10 and lutein. Use unheated as flaxseed oil degrades with heat. Contains no trans fats, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Control IMO. Certified organic Assure Quality NZ889. Quality extra virgin oils require a combination of climate, soil, picking method, careful production and storage. Each differs in quality and taste according to type and location. Try Olivado's range of delicious healthy oils. To discover more about Olivado, and to see our tasty recipes, go to www.olivado.com. Extra virgin oils are not filtered and may appear cloudy when cool. Social responsibility & Fair Trade certified by IMO. Certified organic in New Zealand for Olivado Ltd, Kerikeri, by AsureQuality NZ889. Product of New Zealand.