Bobs Red Mill Fiber Powder, Psyllium, Unsweetened, Unflavored

Premium quality. An easy way to add fiber to your diet. 2 g soluble fiber per serving. Great addition to smoothies. Use in gluten free baking. An employee-owned company. To your good health. - Bob Moore. Gluten free. Soluble fiber from foods such as Psyllium Fiber Powder, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of Psyllium Fiber Powder supplies 2 grams of the 7 grams of soluble fiber from Psyllium Fiber Powder necessary per day to have this effect. Reasons to Psyllium Fiber Powder: good source of fiber; dissolves easily; vegan; no soy ingredients; no artificial colors or flavors; unsweetened. Dear Friends, Did you know that most Americans do not meet their daily recommendation for fiber consumption? It's true. That's unfortunate because eating enough fiber is so essential for good health. Fiber regulates the digestive system and helps pass waste out of the body. It absorbs cholesterol that would otherwise make its way into the blood. Plus, fiber helps you to feel full faster and stay full longer, so filling up on high fiber foods means you're less likely to reach for high-fat, high-calorie snacks between meals. Depending on your age and gender, you should eat between 21 and 38 grams of fiber every day. Eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables is the best way to get your fiber, but even with hearty portions of these wholesome foods you may fall short of the recommended amount. Bob's Red Mill Psyllium Fiber Powder is a convenient way to help you meet your body's fiber requirements. Start enjoying it today! To your good health, - Bob Moore. For more information, visit Tested and confirmed gluten free in our quality control laboratory.