Top Care® Sterile Multi-Purpose No Rub For Soft Contacts Lens Solution 4 Oz Box

For daily use. For soft contact lenses. No separate enzyme cleaner required when used daily. Cleans; Rinses; Disinfects; Stores; Removes protein daily. Quality Guaranteed: This Top Care product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Top Care Multi-Purpose Solution cleans, rinses, disinfects and removes protein daily. Top Care Multi-Purpose Solution is proven safe and effective for soft contact lenses. Top Care Multi-Purpose Solution contains hydroxyalkyl phosphonate, polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene block copolymer with ethylene diamine, and polyaminopropyl biguanide 0.00010/0 to create a revolutionary soft lens care product that keeps lenses clean and comfortable by removing protein deposits every day. Daily use of Top Care Multi-Purpose solution eliminates the need for a separate enzymatic cleaner or daily cleaner for many lens wearers consult your eye care practitioner. Questions? 1-888-423-0139 topcare(at)