Olivella Virgin Olive Oil Body Cream - 5.07 fl oz

From virgin olive oil. Moisturize and replenish skin with the nutrients in virgin olive oil. Formula contains antioxidants (Vitamin A, E and Tocopherol) and Polyphenols - a natural antioxidant present in virgin Olive Oil. Contains Anti-Aging properties present in virgin Olive Oil. Natural ingredients penetrate deeply to hydrate skin. Rejuvenates skin leaving it soft and supple to the touch. Infused with our own blend o natural citrus essential oils. For all skin types. Natural green color from olive oil chlorophyll. Not tested on animals. With more than sixty years experience parent company Umbria Olii S.p.A., a leading international provider of premium olive oil, turns its focus to personal skin care. Olivella was developed to re-introduce the secrets of 100% Virgin Olive Oil skincare dating back to Italy's centuries old historical roots. Product of Italy.