Zud Rust & Stain Remover

Works where ordinary cleansers fail! Kitchen, cookware, bathroom, outdoors, tools. Removes rust & other tough stains. Kitchens, bathrooms, general household. Kitchens: Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser removes stains from porcelain sinks and cleans stainless steel sinks. Zud cleans countertops, ceramic cookware and pots and pans. Bathrooms: Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser cleans and dissolves embedded rust and hard water stains in the toilet bowl. Zud removes blue copper stains, mineral deposits and other discolorations in the bathtub and on the shower tile and grouting. General Household: Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser cleans copper, brass, bronze, chromium, aluminum, iron, pewter, ceramic and stainless steel. Zud cleans rust and corrosion from barbecue grills, boats and aluminum storm doors and windows. Not for use on painted or lacquered surfaces. Zud Heavy Duty Cleanser requires very gentle rubbing for use on fiberglass, countertops and plastic surfaces. Contains no phosphates. Made in the USA.