Old Dutch Twin Pack Rip L Potato Chips 2 Ea

Natural flavors + colors. Per Serving Size: 160 calories; 1 g sat fat (5% DV); 135 mg sodium (6% DV); 0 g total sugars. 5 servings. Did you know? GF Gluten free. Quality lives here. 5 servings 2 perfect portion foil packs. Keep your chips ready to go when you are! This handy Twin Pack box contains two 5-oz. Old Dutch Portion Control Packs. Each has 5 servings, just right for a great snack or lunch for the family. Great portion control one Old Dutch Pack at a time. Open a pack today, still have a fresh unopened pack for tomorrow. Always enjoy that extra-irresistible, just-opened-a-pack taste. Our Signature boxes also make it easy to pack and protect your favorite Old Dutch 4% chips for picnics or weekends at the cabin. Here's Why Old Dutch potato chips are made with clean, simple ingredients featuring the benefits of being Gluten Free and Kosher, with no MSG added, and nothing artificial. Of course, as you know freshness is always guaranteed. No MSG. Quality Lives Here We are proud to say that quality lives here, within each and every one of our products. olddutchfoods.com. Facebook: facebook.com/olddutchfoodus. Twitter: twitter.com/olddutchfoodsus. Instagram: instagram.com/olddutchfoodsus. Want to know more? Visit our website at oldutchfoods.com and join us socially on, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Carton made from 100% recycled paper minimum 85% post-consumer content.