Erin Bakers Cookie Chocolate Salted Cashew

Cashews; almond butter; coconut; dates; cassava & almond flour. Certified Paleo. Vegan. Gluten free. Grain free. Non GMO Project verified. It's time to treat yourself better. Cassava Flour: Vitamins + minerals. Almonds: Healthy fats + protein. Coconut: MCTs + fiber. Dates: Antioxidants + fiber. Coconut Nectar: Low glycemic sweetener. When a craving hits these decadent cookies will not disappoint! While other cookies spin you into a sugar crash, we've made it easier to make the better choice. Welcome to chewy, soft-baked indulgence - it's better this way. - Erin Baker, Founder, Owner & Baker. Satisfaction guaranteed. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)erinbakers. Check out our other delicious products at Visit us at Questions or comments? 877-889-1090. Every purchase makes a difference through our Help Feed 1 Million Kids Program.