Taco Bell™ Fire! Sauce Cheddar Crisps 2 Oz. Pouch

13 g protein per serving. Gluten free. AVA: Certified vegetarian. American Vegetarian Association. Low carb snack. See nutrition information for fat. saturated fat. cholesterol and sodium content. New. Made with 100% real cheese. No artificial flavors or colors. It's cheese it's bold. Seasonings. That's it. Fire! Take me home. Product sold by weight not volume. Contents tend to settle after packaging. 100% real cheese + the heat of our fire sauce make this a craveable, crunchy, oven-baked snack. Warm spice level. www.tacobellcravings.com. Follow us (at)tacobell. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Inquiries please call (833) 482-2447 or visit www.tacobellcravings.com. Get to know all of our crisps at www.TacoBellCravings.com.