Veganrobs Puff Beet

Sorghum baked puffs. Certified Vegan. Certified Gluten-Free. Non GMO ingredients. Go Vegan! Sorghum baked puffs. Beneficial beets. Crunchy good. Plant based. Live & enjoy! Vegan robs beet puffs are sooo delicious. All the benefits of beets and sorghum. Yum!! These beet puffs are crunchy and addictive, try them and you will see. With a good source of Thiamin and an excellent source of riboflavin, they are gluten free, Non-GMO and sustainable too!! That is something to make your mind and body happy. Our mission is to help feed the world by providing plant-based snacks that are made from drought resistant sorghum. They are good for the planet, and all living things. We want you to love these beet puffs! Let us hear from you on social media. They are totally made for your enjoyment and snacking experience! Vegan Rob. Friend. Visionary and puff master. Connect with us (at)veganrobs. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Questions: info(at)