Isola Biscotti, Almond Dipped in Chocolate

Island of gourmet specialties. Savor the memory, taste the tradition. Even if you doubt that Columbus discovered America, he deserves credit for America discovering Biscotti! Old Chris needed foods that would keep during the long journey to the New World and were tasty enough to keep the crew from mutiny. So he brought along these magical Italian cookies popularized by an Italian baker who served them with Tuscan wine. These versatile treats are still made as they were in the 15th century. Sticky dough is shaped into a log, baked, cooled, sliced and baked once again to draw out the moisture. The result is Isola Biscotti; a crisp, dry, flavorful cookie low in calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium. Perfect for dipping in coffee, cocoa, wine or eating alone. We have a Columbus Day, why isn't there a National Biscotti Day? Isola signature biscotti are made of 100% Italian grown almonds. No compromises. All natural. No preservatives. To be enjoyed with, dessert wines, ice cream, tea, cappuccino on by themselves. Product of Italy.