Lairds Applejack

A smooth blend. Laird's Applejack was first made by William Laird in Monmouth, New Jersey in 1698. Around 1760, George Washington discovered this unique beverage, asked for and received the Laird family recipe and soon introduced Applejack to the Virginia Colony. America's oldest family-run distillers. 6 apples in every bottle. 9 generations experience. Larrie W. Laird - None genuine without this signature. Distillers since 1780. 35% finest apple brandy distilled by Laird & Company, North Garden Virginia, 65% grain neutral spirits. Send for recipe book. Laird & Company, Scobeyville, NJ 07724. 40% alc./vol (80 proof). Selected, blended and bottled by Laird & Company, Scobeyville, New Jersey.