Frank Family Chardonnay

Historic Winery established in 1884. Historic Larkmead Winery was originally built of wood in 1884. In 1905, new owners Felix Salmina, Sr. and his wife, Theresa, commissioned local stonemason, Wilber Harrison, to build a square stone structure around this original wooden frame. Felix, born in Corcapolo, Switzerland in 1860, was an heir to the Salmina family tradition of crafting fine wines. At the age of 19 he immigrated to the Napa Valley, finding the climate and soil ideally suited to the production of premium wine grapes. It was Lilly Hitchcock Coit herself, one of the most colorful figures of early California, who originated the winery's name. She owned a spacious country home a short distance from the winery and dubbed it Larkmead after the thousands of wild meadowlarks that inhabited the open fields and filled the air with their melodious warbling. Frank Family Vineyards acquired the historic building in 1993 with the single goal of producing the highest quality wines possible. We proudly introduce to you this vintage of Frank Family Vineyards, Napa Valley Chardonnay, a continuation of the rare tradition of hand-crafted quality that began over a century ago in the Salmina vineyards of Switzerland. Alc. 14.4% by vol.