Sierra Nevada® Torpedo® Extra IPA Beer 18-16 fl. oz. Box

Sierra Nevada and hops go hand in hand. What began as a brazen idea scribbled in a pub eventually became a year-round hop bomb, Torpedo Extra IPA—the first beer to use our "Hop Torpedo," a revolutionary dry-hopping device that controls how much hop aroma is imparted into beer without adding additional bitterness. Torpedo Extra IPA is an aggressive yet balanced beer with massive hop aromas of citrus, pine, and tropical fruit. The durability and portability of Torpedo cans make them ideal for outdoor adventures and simple to pack out the empties. Sierra Nevada® Torpedo® Extra IPATorpedo Extra IPA owes its intensity to its namesake, the revolutionary "Hop Torpedo." What started as a napkin sketch became a custom device to take hop flavor to the next level. Our Hop Torpedo collects essential oils and resins to spotlight the complex citrus, pine, and herbal character of whole-cone hops. Finest Quality Pure Ingredients Brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.