Crab Cake Sliders with Spicy Mayo

Here’s a nifty new recipe to go along with the seafood theme of the current ad. If you’re in need of a holiday appetizer this coming weekend, these crab cakes are the perfect little number. I’m considering serving them for Christmas Eve dinner, alongside big bowls of my favorite New England Clam Chowder.

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Oven Toasted Ravioli

Sometimes the DamKids love what they order in a restaurant so much that they ask if I can duplicate the dish at home. Once in a while, I’m able to come close (this tortilla soup, for instance); other times (like when it comes to authentic Chinese food) … not so much. And I tell them simply that that’s why restaurants were invented in the first place.

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Baked Zucchini Fries

I’m an absolute junkie when it comes to Pinterest. Not sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m crazy about it. It’s a really, really fun way to kill time and learn to about cool stuff and there’s something for darned near everyone. Seriously … everyone. For instance, pretend for a second that you’re say … a basket weaving enthusiast. You adore all things basket woven – from hair braids to buttercream frosting, to hand knit blankets, or potholders, or throw rugs. Guess what? You can find each and every one of those basket woven things (and more, I checked) on Pinterest. It’s amazing. Truly.

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No exaggeration, you’re looking at the most delicious recipe I’ve indulged in since summer began. I first made it for an appetizer at the lake, but I love it so much that I’ve been keeping it in the fridge just to have for lunch or a quick snack. The Pickle is hooked on it, too. Our favorite way to eat it is standing at the kitchen counter, scooping it up with saltines right out of the sleeve, and passing the Valentina sauce back and forth between us. Classy.

Grilled Shrimp with Jalapeno – Garlic Vinaigrette

If summer’s heat ever comes back in full force, this is what you should make to celebrate its return. I made these for dinner at the lake this past weekend when it was pouring and we were bundled up in jeans and sweatshirts and what I really felt like making was meatloaf and mashed potatoes — but I had all of these ingredients on hand and decided to forge ahead with a summer menu anyway. It’s summer, darn it! Let’s eat some summer food.

Mushroom Flatbread Pizza with Gruyere and Basil

Flatbread pizza recipes have consumed me lately and as a consequence, I’ve consumed a lot of flatbread pizzas. I recently discovered lavash (I mean, I didn’t personally discover it. I found out about it is what I should’ve said) and I’ve been using it like crazy when it comes to entertaining and/or feeding friends. I’ve made about five different versions of these nifty little pizzas in the past few weeks and they’ve all gone over so well, I thought I’d share one of my favorites with you today.

Carmelized Onion Tartlets

One more holiday to go, everyone. Here’s a terrific little recipe to serve at your New Year’s soiree. These cheeky little tartlets are frugal yet elegant, but most importantly, they’re really super yummy. Sweet yellow onions are slow-cooked to a deep golden brown, blended with fragrant and earthy fresh sage, and spooned into crisp phyllo pastry cups. Place them on a pretty platter and watch them disappear. And a bonus: the filling freezes beautifully, so make it when you have some time and stash it away – you’ll have little bites ready to go faster than you can say “auld lang syne”.

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Okay everyone, here it is: by popular demand from the various people I’ve served these to over the past two weeks, here is The Appetizer Recipe of the Year (or, the Holiday Season at the very least). I’ve made these little bites FOUR TIMES in the past two weeks, most recently for a paddle tennis party I attended last night where the ladies pronounced them to absolutely be blogworthy. Manly man and girlie girl friendly, they are simple to make, easy on your wallet, and just really, really good. : )

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Mini Smoked Salmon Pizzas

I’ll be honest – I think calling these little appetizers “pizzas” is weird. But I wasn’t feeling clever enough to rename them, so we’re going with them named as is. Whatever you decide to label them, give them a shot. I served them to a small crowd of recipe testing guinea pigs (aka, hungry friends) on Saturday night and they all pronounced them ‘blogworthy’, so that’s all that really matters. (You might think that hungry people would put their stamp on just about any old dish, but that would be wrong. They took their taste testing seriously, were brutally honest and even sent one “un-blogworthy” appetizer back to the drawing board for re-working.)

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Asparagus with Wasabi Mayonnaise Dip

Because I think like a food blogger and not a normal person, I was having a little spazz attack over which recipe to discuss here today. But with the holiday weekend and opening day coming up, I thought everyone might appreciate a recipe that would be a lighter contrast to all the ham and chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, burgers, brats and beers we’ll all potentially consume.

I had a good mind to share Grandma Damron’s recipe for The Naughtiest Cheesy Potatoes on God’s Green Earth (which I’ve been threatening to do here for like, almost three years), and I came pretty close. But since no one actually strives to sport a jelly belly on Spring Break, the lighter option won out. This is one of my go-to appetizer recipes; I whip it up when I want to serve something gorgeous, semi-healthy and in a pinch. You should try it, too.