Enjoy Sendik's All Week & A Great Mango Smoothie

This week, I’m discussing my habits with you here —  Tuesday it was my pizza issue.  Today, it’s mangoes.  The DamFam fights over mangoes the same way we do about greasy cartons of Chinese food leftovers.  I guess there are worse things to fight about.  So when mangoes go on sale, like they are this week, I stock up.  I bring them Read more

Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous, News | April 18th, 2013

Minted Watermelon Cooler with Lemon & Lime

Since the beginning of April and May’s Wellness focus, I have had such a THING for watermelon. It’s been so sweet and delicious this spring, I buy a huge wedge nearly every time I pop in to the Store. I’ve been dicing it into chunks and watching it disappear out of the fridge. Honestly, my kids have been acting like it’s a treat, and you really can’t do much better than a simple bowl of watermelon for a low calorie snack.